Ynterior Lab is the heart of YNTERIOR, it is the creative artistic studio where talented young Italian and foreigner designers cooperate bringing their fresh and new ideas, following YNTERIOR’s philosophy.

YNTERIOR’s philosophy is a continuous research between artisan culture and design, between tradition and innovation, a meeting between art and modernity, connecting the past and the future.

A balance between past, present and future for a project in which the creations are inspired by the elegance and the style of the memorable period well known as “La Milano da bere”, conveying the passion, the great study and the history behind every single piece.


Studio Associato Caccia Dominioni e Zucca was born in Milan in 1970 from the passion of two young Professionals who rapidly imposed themselves in Italy with their innovative ideas and concepts, and soon realizing interventions also in the rest of Europe (France, Switzerland, Belgium).

For more than 40 years of experience, the Company has been establishing itself in all the sectors of Architectural Design as industrial design, urban design, advertising graphic and coordinated image, and interior design.

The Company starts its activity focusing on private and industrial construction; later on it turns to the tertiary branch to finally focus, during the last years, on construction renovation and restoration. One of the latest important intervention is Malpensa Airport.

Many private clients choose the Company for the realization and the restoration of their residences. The list of clients also counts banks, insurance companies, fashion show rooms and industries of different kinds of products.

Recently it has been renovated and the structure was extended, still remaining in the scar of tradition and maintaining a strong culture and ability of purchasing along the path. The Studio, which has always commited itself to product design such as lamps, furniture, accessories, etc., has included professionals who, through the years, had reached close contact with.


Anri Amborgio Azuma was born in Milan in 1965, son of the great Japanese sculptor Kengiro Azuma.

The story begins in the Far East from a culture of ancient bronze smelters. Kengiro Azuma arrives in Milan in 1956 where he enrolled at the Brera Academy of fine Arts to study sculpture with the illustrious master Marino Marini.

Here the research in Japanese Zen philosophy starts arise and grow inside him, the empty and infinite MU and the full YU, the cycle and phases of life, the circle in nature. Life unfolds in an infinite circle, breathing art, architecture and design, between full-empty and empty-full spaces, among contrasts hot and cold, salty and sweet, light and dark, sun and moon, woman and man, war and peace, solid and liquid, the meaning of life.

Kengiro Azuma sculptor and artist and Anri Ambrogio Azuma architect are the past, the present and the future of a single creative aim, they are the fusion of two lives that coincide in a close collaboration.

This close collaboration with his father enriches the thought and work of Anri Ambrogio, who has never been just an architect but has always sought the convergence of the different plastic arts in all his works that, starting from a free drawing become three-dimensional and usable.

Anri Ambrogio Azuma continues the artistic work of his father and his ancestors in a continuum of creativity and passion; the search for the invisible through the visible, among forms, materials and emotions, giving shape to the story he inherited.

ALPESTUDIO Architetti Associati

ALPESTUDIO is a professional firm established in 2006 by Luca and Alessia Perini brothers. After both graduating at Politecnico in Milan, Alessia began her professional experience in Como actively participating in the design of public spaces during the centenary of G. Terragni’s birth, and two years later his brother reaches her. After a short period together, they continued their professional experience in Milan and decided to open their own firm in the heart of Brianza. Their main aim was focusing on industrial design, interiors, architecture and graphics.

In these years they have developed and increased their experience by designing interior design pieces for many Companies which have been exhibited in several editions of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan, and collaborating on the realization of contract projects bringing their modern and young mood.